Senior woman smilng and eating holiday treats

Enrich Your Life with Exciting Senior Activities in Deatsville, AL

At Charlton Place, located in the quiet country town of Deatsville, AL, we not only care hard, but we play hard, too!

As a community dedicated to the rehabilitation and health care of seniors, we see residents for short spurts as well as long periods of time (in the case of our assisted living residents).

And since catering to each resident’s individual needs is a crucial component of our promise to you, it’s our goal to provide a well-rounded, positive experience for all our residents!

While delivering quality and compassionate care remains our top priority, we also focus on social wellness to ensure residents remain active, connected and engaged.

Our incredible Charlton Place staff does a wonderful job of this – planning and executing exciting and unique activities for seniors throughout the year – including special events, indoor and outdoor projects and more.

Fun & Unique Activities for Seniors Abound at Charlton Place

A regularly featured activity in our community is arts and crafts for seniors as it’s an opportunity for them to be creative, connect with others and even promote relaxation. For example, in November, our residents had a blast creating their very own painted masterpieces that they can show off to their friends and family.

The great thing about making crafts is it’s a dynamic activity for seniors that works indoors or outdoors, which our residents love because it’s almost like a surprise since the scenery changes from time to time (depending on the weather).

As life enrichment is an important community aspect, we find it very important to celebrate every milestone in our residents’ lives – past and future. So, in November, we enjoyed honoring the veterans who have helped keep us safe and who are proud to call Charlton Place their home.

In addition to the efforts made by our Charlton Place staff to keep residents active and engaged, we’re fortunate to have community partnerships with businesses such as Southern Care New Beacon. In December, they were kind enough to warm up our wonderful residents with a decadent hot chocolate bar that was very popular, to say the least!

The Fun Doesn’t Stop There! In Addition to Crafts & Events…

Outside of planned activities and special events, day-to-day life brings plenty of opportunities for our residents to enjoy their days with fellow residents and family members, courtesy of our ample amenities and services, including:

  • Flavorful and delicious dining
  • Cozy common areas
  • Activity room for hobbies and engaging activities
  • Charming courtyard
  • Daily fitness programs
  • Beauty and barber shop
  • Therapy gym

Residents thoroughly enjoy our beautiful outdoor courtyard where they can not only take in the smells and sights of nature like birdwatching, but many residents enjoy tending the garden! Not all senior living communities have the privilege of having this luxury, which is why so many of our residents love it.

So, while we regularly plan exciting and unique activities for seniors, as you can see, our community is well-equipped to accommodate all life-enriching hobbies and interests, no matter what those might be!

About Charlton Place Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

Charlton Place Rehabilitation & Health Care is home to some and a short stay for others, but regardless of how long someone spends with us, they leave feeling like a part of the family. Offering both assisted living care and rehabilitation, each of our residents experience individualized care along with safety and security as a licensed professional is always there for support when needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about our assisted living or rehabilitative care or would love to experience our life-enriching community for yourself or a loved one, then contact us today to get started with a tour! We look forward to meeting you.